Grade 12


Welcome to the Crosby Scholars Senior Program! High school juniors who complete the requirements of the Junior Program, including attending a Mandatory Think Like A Senior Session, are eligible to become senior Crosby Scholars.

Following the TLS session, students begin meeting individually with a staff counselor at a Mandatory Senior Summer Meeting during the summer prior to their senior year.

As active participants in the Senior Program, scholars must comply with the Partnership Agreement and complete the Senior Program requirements. Scholars who complete the Senior Program receive a special designation on their transcript and in their graduation program. They are honored at the Senior Gala in the spring and given the opportunity to apply for Last Dollar Grant funding.

Class of 2022 Requirement List:

  • Submit Target List of Colleges to Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor
  • Complete the College Fair/College Visit requirement
  • Complete 5 hours of Community Service and Submit Form
  • Complete 1 Senior Academy
  • Meet with Senior Advisor to complete all Conference Notes
  • Submit at least 1 College Application
  • Complete the Residency Determination Service (RDS)
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Submit a Last Dollar Grant Application or at least 1 Scholarship Application

And continue to:

  • Agree to random drug-screening
  • Fulfill terms of Partnership Agreement
  • Maintain enrollment in and graduate from a Forsyth County public school
  • Complete the Program with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to be eligible to apply for Last Dollar Grant funding.

Senior User Guide

The Senior Program Checklist User Guide breaks down your Senior Program Requirements and the way(s) in which you can receive credit for each.  Click here to view the Senior User Guide.

Senior Advisor Program

Each Senior will be assigned a Senior Advisor who will work with them throughout their Senior year.  This may be a Crosby Scholars Staff Advisor or students may choose a Self-Selected Advisor.  Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about Selecting a Senior Advisor.

  • Senior Year Roadmap

    Click Here to View the Senior Year Roadmap! 

    The Senior Program Checklist User Guide breaks down your Senior Program Requirements and the way(s) in which you can receive credit for each.

    Click Here to View the Senior User Guide

  • Newsletters

    Crosby Senior Newsletter

    The Senior Program publishes a monthly newsletter called destinationcollege2022 to keep Class of 2022 scholars informed of activities and deadlines and to share general announcements.

    Each newsletter offers timely direction and assistance for the current month. In addition to being posted on this website and in the Crosby Scholars Student Portal, it is posted on the Crosby Scholars Program bulletin boards at all high schools (except HBI schools and UNCSA) and at the Career Center. The link to the newsletter is e-mailed to seniors, parents, and Senior Advisors.

    destinationcollege2022 Monthly Newsletters

    Destinatinoncollege2022: May 2022 - Senior Celebration Edition

    Destinationcollege2022: April 2022

    Destinationcollege2022: March 2022

    Destinationcollege2022: February 2022

    Destinationcollege2022: January 2022

    Destinationcollege2022: December 2021

    Destinationcollege2022: November 2021

    Destinationcollege2022: October 2021

    Destinationcollege2022: September 2021

    DestinationCollege2022: August 2021

    Destinationcollege2022: July 2021

  • Timelines for Success

    The key to the college admission process is staying organized.  Each month beginning in August, we will post a timeline to guide you through the month's activities. Seniors should maintain a calendar and follow the timelines in order to complete all tasks associated with college admission in a timely manner.

    Click here below to to Review the Month Timeline for Success

    January Timeline for Success

    November Timeline for Success

    October Timeline for Success

    September Timeline 

    August Timeline 

  • Academy

    Seniors are required to attend one Crosby Senior Academies.  Senior Academies begin during the summer and are offered through December of the current school year.  Topics range from preparing for the ACT and SAT to completing the FAFSA.  Online registration is required through the Crosby Scholars Student Portal.  Within a few days following an academy, seniors can check their Academy status through their Crosby Scholars Student Portal.

    • Plan wisely in order to complete this requirement-- seniors are required to attend only one academy, so the Program does NOT offer a make-up session. Click HERE to view the Academy Pathways, if you need help determining which academy is best for your needs.
    • To receive credit for attending an academy, scholars must arrive on time, sign in, stay for the entire academy, and submit a confirmation of attendance at the end. Scholars who skip any of the steps to this process DO NOT receive academy credit. 
    • Seniors who have a question on the day of the academy outside of office hours may call the office cell phone at 336.782.7859
    • Seniors who register for an academy but do not attend and do not cancel their registration prior to the event will jeopardize their status in the Program.
    • Read the special instructions listed in the Crosby Scholars Student Portal on accessing a webinar academy.


    COMING SOON: Links to the full list of 2021-22 Senior Academies will be posted below. Check the Crosby Scholars Student Portal for the most current information!

    Summer 2020 Senior Academies

  • College Fair/Visit

    College Fair/College Visit Requirement:

    To fulfill the college fair/college visit requirement, Crosby Scholars must visit four colleges.  Students typically fulfill this requirement by attending one college fair and submitting a college fair form during their sophomore year, junior year, or senior year; however, juniors and seniors may fulfill this requirement by visiting four college campuses.  Due to COVID-19, virtual visits can be credited as college visits.  Details are posted below and are outlined in the Crosby Scholars student portal.  This requirement must be fulfilled by early October of your senior year.  Submitting one college fair form or one college visit form is required to verify your presence.

    You must visit 4 colleges through any combination of the following methods:

    • In-person campus visit.
    • Virtual visit (through campus website, virtual tour options, etc.)
    • In-person college fair (stop at college table and gather information)
    • Virtual college fair.


    Click here to download the physical College Fair/College Visit form.


    Submit the online College Fair/Visit form only when you have completed 4 college visits.  If you have any questions, please email


  • Community Service

    2021-22 Deadline for Class of 2022 is January 31, 2022.

    New beginning with the Class of 2022!

    Students are required to complete 5 total hours of community service between their junior and senior years.

    • If a student completes 5 hours in their junior year, they will not be required to submit hours in their senior year.
    • If a student does not complete any hours in their junior year, they must complete 5 hours in their senior year.
    • If a student submits less than 5 hours in their junior year, they will need to complete the remaining hours in their senior year to equal 5 between their junior and senior year.

    We appreciate that scholars are committed to completing the requirement and want to allow for students to be creative and innovative in their approach to volunteering. Please visit our Community Service page and click on Volunteer Opportunities to view both virtual and in-person opportunities.

    Submitting your Community Service Form is easy!

    1. Submit the online form here. An adult signature is not required

    To check if you have completed the Community Service requirement for Crosby Scholars, follow the steps below:

    1. Login to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal here
    2. Click My Status on the menu bar
    3. Scroll down to Program Requirements
    4. View Community Service and Community Service Hours Received

    Questions? Please contact us!

    Call our office at (336) 725-5371 or email us at

  • Last Dollar Grant

    The Crosby Scholars Last Dollar Grant (LDG) application will be available in your Crosby Scholars Student Portal in the spring of your senior year.  ***Last Dollar Grants are NOT awarded automatically to all seniors in the Crosby Scholars Program.  Students must first apply for Last Dollar Grant in their Crosby Scholars Student Portal.***

     Please read these instructions before starting your Last Dollar Grant (LDG) application. The priority filing deadline to submit a LDG application will be May 15.

    To be eligible to apply for Crosby Scholars Last Dollar Grant, a student must:

    1. Complete all requirements of the Crosby Scholars Program
    2. Must have a cumulative weighted GPA of 2.0 or higher
    3. Must demonstrate Financial Need as determined by the FAFSA
    4. Must be enrolling in a Full-Time Degree Seeking Program

    The Crosby Scholars Last Dollar Grant is need-based financial aidA scholar must apply for financial aid by submitting a FAFSA to be considered for a Last Dollar Grant. (If you are not eligible to complete a FAFSA, please contact our office directly for instructions on how to apply.) Students must demonstrate not only financial need but also remaining need after the school of choice has awarded aid. To determine the eligibility, the Crosby Scholars staff completes a need analysis form on each scholar individually.

    Three supporting documents must be uploaded to the application. These documents include:

    1. copy of the students letter of admission from the institution he/she will attend,
    2. copy of the financial aid award letter from the institution he/she will attend, and
    3. copy of the entire SAR - Student Aid Report

    If the student does not have the three supporting documents by May 15, he/she may and should submit the application and then upload the supporting documents when they are received. Priority is given to those applications received prior to May 15.

    Have questions? Click here for our Last Dollar Grant Frequently Asked Questions

    Click here to Watch a short video explaining How To Apply for Crosby Scholars Last Dollar Grant

    Students are notified of our decision by letter posted in their Crosby portal beginning in July 1. An award is sent directly to the institution to be credited to the scholar's account. Depending on which college the student is attending, the award will either be sent by ACH (electronic deposit) or by check made jointly payable to the student and the college/university.  The first half of the award is sent after August 1 and is to be used for the fall semester.  Please check the scholar's Crosby portal often for updates. The second half of the award is sent upon receipt of the scholar’s fall semester grades and is to be used for the spring semester. Your fall grades (including your cumulative GPA) must be uploaded to the Crosby Scholars Student Portal at the end of the fall semester. You do not have to submit an official college transcript. Uploading a copy of your grades printed from your college account is acceptable provided it includes your cumulative GPA.

    Crosby Scholars who complete the Program their senior year with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher are eligible to apply for a Last Dollar Grant for up to 4 years of undergraduate study within 6 years of high school graduation. Even if a Last Dollar Grant is not awarded the first year, the student may still reapply 3 more times. Students must reapply each year.

    A student who does not graduate from high school with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, may apply once his/her college cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher.