African American Males Pursuing Educational Dreams


AAMPED - African American Males Pursuing Educational Dreams - began in the 2016-17 school year. AAMPED provides workshops specifically for African-American males to provide them with life and college success skills.

AAMPED leadership goes to the schools in Forsyth County and provides on-site Academies and community service opportunities to complete Crosby Scholars requirements. AAMPED also works with students 1-on-1 to help them complete the Crosby Scholars program. AAMPED offers many opportunities including: career exploration programs, AAMPED College Success Camp, college tours, drug-prevention workshops, and trips to visit the International Civil Rights Center and other educational opportunities. African-American Males have had a 19 percent increase in completion in the Crosby Scholars program since AAMPED began.

"Thank you so very much for your time and talents that you put into this program, my child, and other's children. My son was so happy to see Black men really interested in him and his well being. You have introduced him to many new experiences, educational programs, and activities for life. I hope that this program continues for the well being and growth of our Black youth in our community."  - AAMPED Program Parent

Want to be part of the AAMPED program? Email AAMPED@crosbyscholars.org or call us at (336) 725-5371.