College is a match to be made not a prize to be won.


Welcome 2021-22 Senior Advisors! We are excited to work with you this year. As a Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor you are an important part of the college admissions process. You may contact the Crosby Scholars Program at

Senior Advisor Handbook

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Section C: College Admissions 101

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Senior Advisor Training has concluded for the 2021-22 school year. All new Senior Advisors were required to attend one training session. Information on registering for a training session was sent to the email provided by the scholar. If a self-selected advisor did not attend a training session, the scholar was assigned to an advisor. Senior scholars may view the name and contact number of their Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor through their Crosby Scholars Student Portals. 


Additional information for First Time Senior Advisors: Link Here

Additional information for Returning Senior Advisors: Link Here

Senior Advisor Role:

Every potential Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor must submit an advisor application. The advisor application for the Class of 2021 was available on July 1. After an advisor submits an application, he/she will receive an e-mail to guide the advisor in creating a Crosby Scholars Advisor Portal.

Advisor training sessions are held in the Goodwill Industries Building, 2701 University Parkway. Sessions last 90 minutes. Register through your Crosby Advisor Portal to attend one of the following training sessions.

Senior Advisors assist seniors with the following:

  • confirm target list of colleges
  • discuss Early Action/Early Decision/Regular Decision application plans
  • review SAT/ACT results and discuss additional testing
  • review admission/scholarship essays
  • navigate the financial aid process, including identifying scholarship opportunities
  • monitor completion of Senior Program requirements
  • meeting deadlines and communicating with colleges as necessary

Seniors who self-select an advisor may choose a family member, teacher, or mentor.  A Senior Advisor must be a high school graduate.  Many seniors who select an advisor choose a parent.  Seniors meet with self-selected advisors on their own time.

Seniors who choose to be assigned an advisor will be paired with a staff advisor or with someone from a pool of community volunteer advisors. Seniors meet with this volunteer advisor during the school day at their home school or at the Career Center.

Seniors are expected to attend and actively participate in every meeting scheduled by their Senior Advisor.  Advisor meetings begin in late summer and are held periodically throughout the school year.

Senior Advisors submit conference notes through their advisor portal. After signing in to your advisor portal, the first page you will view is a list of your Senior Advisor Students. View your (or each if you are advising more than one senior) student by selecting the icon that resembles a magnifying glass to the right of your senior's name. Just below the scholar's name, you will see the words: Profile, Academic, Parent/Guardian, Events, Conference Notes, and Program Info. Select Conference Notes and the list of conference notes will appear. Select the red complete button to view the questions. Remember, your scholar provides the answers to the questions on the conference notes. Before completing conference notes, please review the current month's newsletter and timeline with your scholar.

A parent who is also a Senior Advisor can use one e-mail address and password to log in to the parent portal and the same e-mail address and password to log in to the advisor portal.

What is the Senior Advisor Program

The Crosby Scholars Program requires each high school scholar to have an advisor. For the first three years of high school, scholars have the opportunity to work with volunteer advisors, attend large group sessions, and work in small groups to learn more college preparation. Then during the senior year, scholars meet with a Senior Advisor individually. The Senior Advisors can then address specific needs of students as they arise.

Following each meeting, the Senior Advisor submits online conference notes to the Crosby Scholars office. This process allows Crosby staff to monitor each scholar's progress. The Senior Advisor is thus the lead member of a team helping each scholar to navigate the college admission process.

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Senior Advisors can stay connected to the Senior Program by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @CrosbyScholars.