College is a match to be made not a prize to be won.

Welcome Class of 2023 and Senior Advisors! We are excited to work with you this year. If you have any questions about Senior Advising, you may contact the Crosby Scholars Program at

What is the Advising Program?

During the spring semester of junior year through high school graduation, scholars meet with an advisor individually to help students think through and accomplish goals after high school. The advisors can then address the specific needs of students as they arise.

Following each meeting, the advisor submits online conference notes to the Crosby Scholars Office. This process allows Crosby Scholars staff to monitor each scholar's progress. The advisor is thus the lead member of a team helping each scholar to navigate the college admission process.

Crosby Scholar Advisors assist you with the following:

  • direct access for answers to your questions by hosting one-on-one meetings at school
  • confirming a target list of colleges, application type, and timeline
  • completing college and financial aid applications
  • creating test prep and test taking plans
  • following timelines provided to guide you
  • securing essay review and mock interviews
  • meeting deadlines, fulfilling program requirements, and communicating with colleges
  • organization and time management as tools for reducing stress
  • reviewing admission and financial aid offers and helping you choose the college that best meets your needs for academic instruction and personal growth


Advisors - Our team

Rising seniors have two options for choosing a Senior Advisor:

1) MEET WITH A CROSBY SCHOLARS STAFF ADVISOR. Seniors will be paired with a Crosby Scholars Staff Advisor and meet with this advisor multiple times each semester in-person at the scholar's high school, FTCC, or Career Center. These advisors have not only a wealth of knowledge but also years of experience assisting scholars with the college admission process.

2) YOU MAY IDENTIFY YOUR OWN ADVISOR. If you've identified an adult who will join your journey to college, this person can be your Senior Advisor. Typically scholars choose a parent, mentor, teacher, or coach. The advisor will be required to attend training sessions and meet deadlines throughout the school year. A Crosby Scholars staff member serves as a resource for these advisors. Seniors meet with this type of advisor on their own time outside of the regular school day. The Senior Advisor Program will contact your self-selected advisor to outline his/her advisor responsibilities including but not limited to:

  1. participating in your mandatory summer meeting held
  2. attending one advisor training session held
  3. meeting with you throughout the school year from August 2022 through June 2023 and adhering to published deadlines
  4. agreeing to attend workshops with you throughout the school year

The time commitment to serve as a self-selected advisor averages two hours per month and can vary by season depending upon your individual needs. Click here for more info.

Senior Advisor Responsibilities

Senior Advisors can stay connected to the Senior Program by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @CrosbyScholars.