Enrichment Programs

Crosby Scholars programs connect students in small settings, which aids in relationship development and mentorship networks. In addition to academic preparation, financial counseling, parent engagement and workshops, targeted enrichment programs include:

  • African American Males Pursuing Educational Dreams (AAMPED)
    • The AAMPED program ensures African American males have resources to achieve educational equity.
  • Excelencia
    • The Excelencia program that educates Hispanic girls and their families about the many opportunities that exist beyond middle and high school.
  • Hispanic Latino Male Success (HLMS)
    • The HLMS program provides mentoring and introduces young men to career and STEM opportunities.
  • Show, Help, Employ (SHE) 
    • The SHE program encourages underrepresented women to learn about and pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers.

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