Fequently Asked Questions

  • What is Crosby Scholars?

    The Crosby Scholars Program is a college access program. It is designed to help students prepare academically and financially for college enrollment.

  • Who can participate?

    Any 6th through 10th grade student who submits an application by the deadline and is enrolled in a public school in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County will be accepted into the Program.

    The Middle School Program is for students in grades 6 – 8. Students may apply in 6th, 7th or 8th grade. If they do not meet requirements one year in middle school they can reapply in any middle grade.

    The High School Program is for students in grades 9 – 11. However, students will need to apply by the 10th grade to be admitted into the program. There is no 11th or 12th grade application to the Program.

    The Senior Program is for students who successfully completed the program in 11th grade and attended a mandatory Think Like A Senior which is held in  February and March of the junior year. Students must complete the senior program in order to apply for Last Dollar Grant scholarships from the Crosby Scholars Program. Seniors have additional requirements that are explained at the Rising Senior Meeting.

  • When should I apply?

    Check the “How to Apply” tab on the website or the student services office (guidance office) after August 15th for application information

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no fee.

  • What is my Crosby Scholars Student Portal?

    The Crosby Scholars student portal provides a student and parent/guardian access to Crosby Scholars Program information, events, registration links, and requirement statuses.

    For new Crosby Scholars - you should have received a confirmation at the student email address you provided on your application. In this e-mail, you should also have received a temporary password and instructions on how to activate your Crosby Scholars student portal.

    For returning Crosby Scholars - you will have received an email at the email account we have on record for you and instructions on how to activate your Crosby Scholars student portal.

    All students need to sign in to their Crosby Scholars student portal to activate their account. Follow these instructions to sign in:

    CLICK on the  STUDENT/PARENT SIGN IN  button on any page of our website.

    Sign in with your email address and the temporary password that was sent to you.

    Once you’ve signed in for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a new permanent password (with a minimum of 6 characters, using at least one number and one capital letter).

    Make sure to write down or save your permanent password somewhere safe as Crosby Scholars staff will not have access to it.

    It's important to sign in to the Crosby Scholars student portal regularly and keep your account and information up to date. Most colleges accept students online and provide online student accounts similar to ours. So, we are preparing you for the college admission experience right from the start!

    We will be sending you emails and updating your Crosby Scholars student portal with events and opportunities - so please make sure to check your portal often.

    PARENTS: Once your student activates his/her student portal - you will receive an email with a temporary password to activate your Crosby Scholars parent portal. From the parent portal, you will be able to view all of the information in your student's portal, register your student for Crosby Scholar Academy, view his/her requirement status and more. 

    Please contact us if you are having difficulty activating your Crosby Scholars Student or Parent Portal.

  • What is considered community service?

    Community service is volunteer work that benefits the community and its citizens. It can be fulfilled through church activities, scouts, school clubs or civic organizations. The service should be done at non-profit organizations or programs.

    Go to the community service tab on this website for community service ideas and a downloadable community service form.

    **Good Examples

    • Helping a teacher at school
    • Tutoring younger students
    • Reading buddies
    • Work at the Soup Kitchen
    • Work with the elderly in nursing homes
    • Participation in Walks to raise money or awareness for illnesses or medical conditions
    • Campus clean up at your school
    • Volunteer service through Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, youth groups, school groups, etc.

    **Unacceptable Examples

    • Babysitting
    • Work for family members
    • Work at for-profit businesses even though you are not paid
    • Donations – like donating clothes or canned food is not enough, unless you put in hours to organize a drive
    • School performances such as band, chorus, orchestra, plays, etc.
  • Where will Middle School Crosby Scholar Academy be held?

    Forsyth Technical Community College - Main Campus
    2100 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

  • Where will High School Crosby Scholar Academy be held?

    The High School Crosby Scholars Academies are held at different locations to make it more convenient for our families. Most Academies are held at Forsyth Technical Community College's Main Campus or at the Goodwill Industries building where our office is located. When you register for your Academy, the date, time and location will be listed.

    Forsyth Technical Community College - Main Campus
    2100 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

    Goodwill Industries
    2701 University Parkway
    Winston-Salem, NC 27105

  • Where is Forsyth Technical Community College?

    From Highway 52 traveling north to I-40 west

    • Take exit 193C-Silas Creek Pkwy/South Main St.
    • Take a left on Silas Creek Pkwy
    • The main campus is on the corner of Silas Creek Pkwy and Miller St.

    From Highway 52 traveling south - to I-40 West

    • Take exit 193C-Silas Creek Pkwy/South Main St.
    • Take a left on Silas Creek Pkwy
    • The main campus is on the corner of Silas Creek Pkwy and Miller St.

    From Business 40 traveling west

    • Take the Peters Creek Pkwy exit
    • Turn left onto Peter’s Creek
    • Follow to Silas Creek Pwky
    • The main campus is on the corner of Silas Creek Pkwy and Miller St.

    From I-40 traveling east

    • Take the Business 40 split to Silas Creek Pkwy South
    • Take a left on Silas Creek Pkwy
    • The main campus is on the corner of Silas Creek and Miller St.
  • What are Grade Advisor Meetings?

    Grade Advisor Meetings are group meetings held for students in grades 9-11. For 9th and 10th graders, the grade advisor meetings are after school with an assigned Grade Advisor. Each grade level is assigned an Advisor, and that Advisor meets with a group of students to discuss topics that are important for students to know in that particular grade. In January of each year, students in grades 9 and 10 are automatically assigned a Grade Advisor and will begin getting emails about meeting topics, with dates, locations, and times.

    For Juniors, the Grade Advisor Program is a series of group meetings on topics that will prepare the student for the college admissions process. These meetings are open to all Junior Crosby Scholars, and will often be held at the Goodwill Industries building. Informational meetings about the Grade Advisor Program for Juniors will be available in December. 

    While meetings for all grades are not mandatory, students are encouraged to attend. Grade Advisor Meetings are cancelled if school is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions, and will be rescheduled.

  • How do I apply for a Last Dollar Grant?

    All students who successfully complete the Crosby Scholars Program in the senior year with a 2.0 or higher weighted GPA are eligible to apply for a Crosby Scholar Last Dollar Grant. Students submit the online application through their Crosby student portal. The application deadline is May 15. Students who complete the application and upload the supporting documents will be considered for a Last Dollar Grant.

  • Why should I join Crosby Scholars in Middle School?

    Participation in the program throughout middle school increases learning opportunities and encourages habits that may give Crosby Scholars an advantage over other college-bound students entering high school.

  • When is Middle School Crosby Scholar Academy?

    6th Grade Crosby Scholar Academy sessions are held in the fall, and 7th/8th Grade Crosby Scholar Academy takes place on four Saturdays throughout January, February and March.  From 9:30 am – 11:45 am students participate in a grade level video/discussion and choose one of nine or ten additional classes to attend.

  • When is High School Crosby Scholar Academy? (Grades 9 – 11)

    Junior Crosby Scholar Academy takes place during August and September. The August meetings will typically take place before the new school year begins. Juniors will take the following class: Preparing forCollege Admission 101 and Creating a Target List of Colleges. 

    9th and 10th Grade Crosby Scholar Academies take place throughout October and November. Students choose two of several high school appropriate classes to attend.

  • What will happen if I do not fulfill a requirement?

    If a student does not meet a requirement, they will receive notice that they have been dismissed from the Program and may not participate in program activities for the remainder of the school year. Students in grades 6-9 are encouraged to reapply to the program the following year school year.