Hispanic Latino Male Success Program

About HLMS

The Hispanic Latino Male Success (HLMS) program, is a specialized program for Hispanic/Latino males in the WS/FCS system. The program collaborates closely with Hispanic/Latino male professionals, and looks forward to using the many resources available to the program to accomplish our goals and best help our students.

Goals of HLMS

  1. To help our Hispanic/Latino male students prepare for college and life.
  2. To help students in the program to feel confident about themselves and their plans after high school.
  3. To focus on other social issues and give our students an opportunity to voice their experiences and seek guidance on various things they may face during these challenging times.

Want to be part of the HLMS program? Email Anthony Juarez, HLMS Program Specialist at ajuarez@crosbyscholars.org or call us at (336) 725-5371.