Middle School

How does the Crosby Scholars Program assist middle school students?

  • Offers academic and personal growth workshops
  • Provides opportunities to participate in community service activities
  • Introduces students to local college campuses and career exploration
  • Encourages a drug-free lifestyle
  • Recognizes students who complete Program requirements annually

What is required of middle school Crosby Scholars each school year?

  1. Attend one Crosby Scholars Academy (will be conducted virtually this year).
  2. Perform at least two hours of community service and submit a community service form.
  3. Maintain good citizenship by not receiving out-of-school suspension.
  • Crosby Scholars Academy

    Many things look different this year, but our Crosby Scholars Academy continues - virtually, via Zoom! At Crosby Scholars Academy, students learn valuable skills such as goal-setting, time management, decision making, communication skills, and more. It is also a wonderful opportunity to interact with Crosby Crosby Scholars staff members and your friends at different schools! Every middle school Crosby Scholar is required to attend one Crosby Scholars Academy each school year.

    Academy dates for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Crosby Scholars will be offered throughout the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2021. This page will be updated regularly as new dates are added.

    Registration is required for all Academy sessions through your Student Portal.

    Registration for Crosby Scholars Academy is now closed. This page will be updated if make-up Academy dates are scheduled. 


    Parents please note by allowing your student(s) to attend the Crosby Scholars Academy, you are agreeing to the terms of the Parent Partnership Agreement located in your student’s Crosby Scholars Student Portal.  Should you not agree with these terms, you are required to contact the Executive Director at mwlovett@crosbyscholars.org before allowing your student to attend the Crosby Scholars Academy. Once your student attends Academy, the agreement is in effect until the student voluntarily withdraws from the program or does not fulfill a program requirement.

  • Community Service

    2020-21 Deadline for Grades 6-10: April 14, 2021 

    Submit the online form hereNo adult signature is required!  

    Visit the community service page to view a list of community service opportunities you can complete at home while social distancing measures continue to be best practice.

    Crosby Scholars are required to complete two hours of community service annually, although five are recommended for the high school scholars. Scholars must submit a form – either online or via a paper copy- documenting their hours.  For 2020-21, online forms can be submitted without adult signatures. However, paper copies must be signed by an adult and that adult can be a scholar’s parent/guardian.

    Submitting your form is easy! 

    1. Submit the online form here
    2. Upload a completed 2020-21 Community Service Form to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal on the My Documents page, which is the dropdown of the My Crosby You will see a field for 2020-21 Community Service Form - Grades 6,7,8 ONLY
    3. Email a picture of your form to middleschool@crosbyscholars.org
    4. Fax it to 336.725.1321
    5. Make a copy or take a picture of the form for your records and mail it to Crosby Scholars Program, 2701 University Parkway, W-S, 27105
    6. Make a copy or take a picture of the form for your records and submit it at your school's student services office


    Scholars who completed the Program during the previous school year may count hours volunteered after the previous year's deadline, including summer hours, toward the following school year's requirement.

    Crosby Scholars staff typically requires that student community service hours are completed with an approved non-profit agency or organization. We have relaxed the community service requirement for the 2020-21 year, and we will continue to operate under the new guidelines until it is safe for students to volunteer in the community again. We appreciate that scholars are committed to completing the requirement this year and want to allow for students to be creative and innovative in their approach to volunteering. For the 2020-21 year, students will be allowed to submit hours for volunteering in their neighborhood such as assisting neighbors with yard work, cleaning up the neighborhood park etc. We will also accept hours assisting younger siblings with online school work and projects. Community service hours will not be accepted for routine chores or babysitting performed in their own home.

    Due to our non-profit status, we are unable to accept volunteering on the political campaign of a specific candidate as community service.

    If you have questions about whether your community service idea meets the requirement for the Program, please contact the Crosby Scholars Program at 336.725.5371. Crosby Scholars Program staff reserves the right to determine if a community service activity fulfills our requirement

    For volunteer ideas and opportunities, click here.

    To check your community service status, follow the steps below:

    1. Login to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal here
    2. Click “My Status” on the menu bar
    3. Scroll down to “Program Requirements/Status”
    4. View “Community Service” and “Community Service Hours Received”
  • Community Service Contests and Highlights

    The Middle School Program hosts several community service contests throughout the year. 

    Check out the Student Community Service feature box on our website for volunteer ideas, opportunities, community service forms, and more! 

    After submitting your community service hours, please allow 24 to 48 hours for your community service form to be processed. Community Service hours are recorded in your Student Portal once they are processed.

    Don't forget what YOU offer the community as a Crosby Scholar. Your active volunteering makes a difference. We will highlight 2 students a week this year! Want to be highlighted? Send a picture of you volunteering with a brief quote about what you did to middleschool@crosbyscholars.org and you might see it on our social media channels!

  • Parent Session Information

    We will offer numerous opportunities this year for parents to learn more about the Crosby Scholars Program. Check out the links below for information that was discussed in the 2019-2020 Parent Sessions: 

  • Hello High School - 8th Grade Only

    In the spring of their 8th grade year, students and parents of 8th graders will be introduced to a program called "Hello High School."

    Take a look at the Hello High School workbook that was distributed to all 8th graders at 7th/8th Grade Crosby Scholars Academy in 2019-2020.

  • Middle School Newsletter

    Each middle school student in the Program has access to a quarterly newsletter titled Middle School. It Matters. It is published to keep students informed of activities, deadlines, and announcements. Each newsletter offers appropriate advice and assistance for a specific period of time. The link to the newsletter is emailed to middle school students and their parents/guardians. 

    The February issue of the Middle School. It Matters. newsletter can be found here!