Grade 9


Welcome to high school and to the Crosby Scholars High School Program. Preparing for college starts now! Decisions you make in 9th grade matter ~ classes in which you enroll in 9th grade matter ~ grades you achieve in 9th grade matter! As a Crosby Scholar, you have made the decision to prepare for college enrollment. We want to help you achieve this goal. Involve your family as your support system, and get to know your high school counselor.

Students interested in enrolling in the Program must submit an application at the beginning of the school year. Scholars who completed the Program in 8th grade are automatically enrolled in the Program freshman year at the high school they choose to attend.

  • Academy

    Academies for the 2021-2022 School Year have concluded. 

    If you still need academy credit for the school year, please email us


  • Community Service

    2021-22 Deadline for Grades 6-10 is May 13, 2022*

    *The deadline for meeting the Community Service requirement has passed. However, if you are in Grades 6-9 and wish to remain in the Crosby Scholars Program please contact us for help at

    Crosby Scholars are required to complete two hours of community service each school year, although five are recommended for high school scholars. We appreciate that scholars are committed to completing the requirement and want to allow for students to be creative and innovative in their approach to volunteering. Please visit our Community Service page and click on Volunteer Opportunities to view both virtual and in-person opportunities.

    Submitting your Community Service Form is easy!

    1. Submit the online form here. An adult signature is not required.
    2. Upload a completed 2021-22 Community Service Form to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal on the My Documents page, which is the dropdown of the My Crosby. You will see a field for 2021-22 Community Service Form.
    3. Email a picture of your form to our office:
    4. Fax your form to (336) 725-1321
    5. Make a copy or take a picture of your form for your records and mail it to Crosby Scholars Community Partnership at 2701 University Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27105.
    6. Make a copy or take a picture of the form for your records and submit it at your school's Student Services office.

    To check if you have completed the Community Service requirement for Crosby Scholars, follow the steps below:

    1. Login to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal here
    2. Click My Status on the menu bar
    3. Scroll down to Program Requirements
    4. View Community Service and Community Service Hours Received

    Questions? Please contact us!

    Call our office at (336) 725-5371 or email us at

  • CrosbyPlus : Advisor Program


    Previously known as the Grade Advisor Program.

    The purpose of the CrosbyPlus program is to discuss topics to help prepare scholars for the college admission process and build a foundation of knowledge that launches them into junior and senior years. We restructured the platform to improve the accessibility to our workshops for all students at all high schools. We listened to student feedback and determined the most effective way to reach all students and accommodate for busy high school schedules, is to record short YouTube videos and answer questions during a live launch. Throughout the spring semester we will begin posting these videos on our Crosby TV channel (YouTube page).

    During each presentation, we will record student participation and attendance. Throughout the spring semester we will reward CrosbyPlus participants with fun Crosby swag. All students who watch the live video launch or recording, will have the opportunity to win cool prizes. 

    The videos that will be posted soon on our Crosby TV channel are for all 9th and 10th grade scholars at every high school. 


  • Newsletter

    Each Freshman in the Program has access to a quarterly newsletter titled destinationcollege2025. It is published to keep students informed of activities, deadlines, and announcements. Each newsletter offers appropriate advice and assistance for a specific period of time. The link to the newsletter is emailed to freshmen and their parents/guardians. 

    The Winter issue of the destinationcollege2025 newsletter here!