The key to the college admission process is to stay organized.  Seniors should maintain a calendar and follow the timelines below.  Seniors will receive a monthly reminder in their student portal to follow the timeline. Each month beginning in August, we will post a timeline to guide you through the month's activities. This guide will help you to stay organized. 



  • Read destinationcollege2019 – August Issue
  • Register for September 8th ACT at www.act.org, by August 10th, if you plan to take it
  • Register for October 6th SAT at www.collegeboard.com, by September 7th if you plan to take it
  • Confirm test dates and registration deadlines for the fall SAT’s
  • Confirm test dates and registration deadlines for the fall ACT’s
  • Review career plans and decide which type of school is right for you (4-year, 2-year, etc.)
  • Continue to research college choices
  • Work on narrowing your choices and confirming your target list of colleges
  • Follow prospective colleges on social media
  • Continue to visit college campuses -- note special visitation days at the schools on your target list
  • Visit websites listed in senior notebook -- register and bookmark favorite sites
  • Set up and then maintain a calendar or date book -- include all deadlines, due dates, and test dates
  • Research and apply for scholarships; check into institutional scholarships and make sure you know how to apply
  • Create a Common Application account, if applying to college using the Common App
  • Create a CFNC account, if applying to college using the CFNC app
  • Create a Coalition Application, if applying to college using the Coalition app
  • Begin drafts of application essays, if required at colleges on your target list
    • submit your essays for feedback by emailing seniorprogram@crosbyscholars.org. Click HERE for instructions.
  • Consider the possibility of taking a Gap Year (www.americangap.org)
  • Complete two hours of community service and submit your community service form to our office before August 31 and be entered into the contest to win a $10 Chick-fil-A Gift Card!
  • Check e-mail and Crosby Scholars Student Portal at least weekly
  • Receive Crosby Scholars Senior Academy schedule on August 1st
  • Register to attend Crosby Senior Academies (CSA) online through your Crosby Scholar Student Portal
    •  CSA #9D will be held on August 14th from 1:30-2:30pm; CSA #9E will be held on August 14th from 2:45-3:45pm; CSA #9F will be held on August 14th from 4:00-5:00pm
    • CSA #10A SAT Prep: Math will be held on August 7th from 9:30-11:30am.
    • CSA #10B SAT Prep: Critical Reading and Writing will be held on August 21st from 6:00-8:00pm
    • Complete CSA #6 Financial Basics for High School and Beyond is an online, self-paced Crosby Senior Academy through CFNC's Financial Basics for High School and Beyond Deadline August 31, 2018. Click  HERE for Instructions!

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