The key to the college admission process is to stay organized.  Seniors should maintain a calendar and follow the timelines below.  Seniors will receive a monthly reminder in their student portal to follow the timeline. Each month beginning in August, we will post a timeline to guide you through the month's activities. This guide will help you to stay organized. 


  • Review most current transcript – know your GPA, QPA, Class rank, SAT/ACT scores
  • Submit your mid-year grades to colleges if requested
  • See school counselor to discuss any errors on transcript
  • Research and apply for scholarships; adhere to all deadlines
  • Review Financial Aid Timeline for Success, posted in Crosby Scholars student portal
  • Finish submitting admission applications, if not completed
  • Read destinationcollege2018 – February Issue
  • Read Money Talk Monday, posted bi-weekly in Crosby Scholars student portal
  • Check e-mail account often
  • Log in to your Crosby Scholars student portal often
  • Meet with your Senior Advisor to complete Conference Notes 4 by February 16
  • Submit your FAFSA if you have not already
  • Submit CSS/PROFILE, if required and not previously submitted
  • Take the February 10th ACT, if needed
  • Register for March 10 SAT by February 9th
  • Apply to the Winston-Salem Foundation for financial assistance (www.wsfoundation.org)
  • Advancing Capitalism Scholarship Application Opens – February 5
  • Joyce Kohfeldt Determination Award Application Opens – February 5
  • Mona W. Lovett Community Volunteer Excellence Award Application Opens – February 12
  • Mona W. Lovett Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award Application Opens – February 12
  • Mona W. Lovett Outstanding Commitment to Service Award Application Opens – February 12
  • Mona W. Lovett Service and Relationships Award Application Opens – February 12
  • AAMPED Scholarship Application Opens – February 19
  • ALL Hanesbrands Scholarship Applications Open – February 26
  • Harry Scofield Memorial Book Scholarship Application Opens – February 26
  • Friends of Bernardine Rea Book Scholarship – Deadline February 25
  • Save the Date: Senior Honors Gala – April 30

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