The key to the college admission process is to stay organized.  Seniors should maintain a calendar and follow the timelines below.  Seniors will receive a monthly reminder in their student portal to follow the timeline. Each month beginning in August, we will post a timeline to guide you through the month's activities. This guide will help you to stay organized. 


  • Decide on the college at which you will enroll, May 1 is the National College Decision Day
  • Submit enrollment deposit, housing forms, med forms, etc. to the college at which you will enroll
  • Notify all colleges at which you were admitted of your enrollment decision
  • Reply to all requests from the college at which you will enroll
  • Register to attend freshman orientation over the summer.
  • Continue to research and apply for scholarships
  • Continue to review financial aid packages awarded by colleges to which you have been admitted (if you haven’t finalized your decision)
  • Meet with your Crosby Scholar Senior Advisor to complete final Conference Notes by May 31
  • Schedule an appointment with Crosby Scholars Financial Aid Advisor if you have questions about your financial aid or paying your bill.
  • Read destinationcollege2017
  • Check e-mail account often 
  • Log in to your Crosby Scholars student portal often
  • Request final transcript to be sent to college at which you will enroll
  • Report final enrollment decision to the Crosby Scholars Program by entering your college name in your Crosby Scholars student portal
  • Write thank you notes to those individuals who wrote you a letter of recommendation
  • Write thank you notes to those scholarship committees who awarded you a scholarship
  • Write a thank you letter to your high school counselor for all of his/her guidance
  • Remember to thank all of your teachers
  • Apply to the Fulton Carolina Medal Scholarship by May 1
  • Apply to the Dean Smith Integrity Award by May 1
  • Participate in College Signing Day on May 5
  • Submit Executive Director’s Award Bio for Golf Invitational, if eligible, by May 5
  • Submit a Last Dollar Grant Application by May 15
  • Follow up with Crosby Scholars staff regarding any outstanding issues or questions

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