The key to the college admission process is to stay organized.  Seniors should maintain a calendar and follow the timelines below.  Seniors will receive a monthly reminder in their student portal to follow the timeline. Each month beginning in August, we will post a timeline to guide you through the month's activities. This guide will help you to stay organized. 


  • Follow the Crosby Scholars Senior Program on Twitter @Crosby_Sr2018
  • Read destinationcollege2018 – September 2017 Edition
  • Meet with admissions reps who visit your school, have an unofficial copy of your transcript to share
  • Register for the October 7th SAT, by September 9th, if you plan to take it
  • Register for October 28th ACT, by September 22nd, if you plan to take it
  • Prepare for the SAT and/or ACT
  • Prepare for the SAT Subject Tests, if required for admission to your target colleges
  • Continue college visits
  • Meet with your school counselor to discuss target list of colleges and to review your transcript
  • Continue to confirm target list of colleges
  • Confirm application deadlines for schools on target list – note early decision, early action if applicable
  • Identify what documents are required to complete each admission application
  • Begin/Continue completing online applications
  • Continue drafts of application essays, if required at colleges on your target list
  • Ask teachers, counselors, employers, etc. for letters of recommendation and provide them with a copy of your activities resume and the teacher recommendation sheet from your senior notebook
  • Meet with your school counselor regarding counselor recommendation, if required
  • Update your Activities Resume
  • Research how to receive your school’s scholarship newsletter – some schools require you to sign-up
  • Complete QuestBridge National College Match Application by September 27
  • Review your high school’s scholarship bulletin, and apply for scholarships
  • Check e-mail and Crosby Scholars student portal at least weekly
  • Confirm your requirement status in your Crosby Scholars student portal
  • Plan to attend the WS/FCS College Fair on October 2 if you have not completed this requirement
  • Complete two hours of community service, and submit your community service form to our office and be entered into September Community Service Contest to win a FREE Admission Ticket to the Dixie Classic Fair.
  • Receive Senior Advisor assignment in your Crosby Scholars student portal
  • Meet with your Crosby Scholar Senior Advisor to complete Conference Notes 1 by September 29
  • Register to attend Crosby Senior Academies (CSA) online through your Crosby Scholars student portal
    • CSA #2B Preparing for the ACT: Reading and Writing - September 5 
    • CSA #11 Writing the College Admissions Essay - September 11
    • CSA #12 Making the Most of Your College Visits - September 12
    • CSA #13A Essay Writing Bootcamp - September 13
    • CSA #4B Preparing for the SAT: Critical Reading and Writing - September 18
    • CSA #13B Essay Writing Bootcamp - September 10
    • CSA #13C Essay Writing Bootcamp - September 21
    • CSA #3B Preparing for the SAT: Math - September 25
    • CSA #14A Completing Your FAFSA - September 28

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