The Senior Program publishes a monthly newsletter called destinationcollege2019. It is published monthly for Crosby Scholars in the Class of 2019 to keep them informed of activities, deadlines, and announcements. Each newsletter offers appropriate advice and assistance for a specific month. In addition to being posted on this website and in the Crosby Scholars student portal, it is posted on the Crosby Scholars Program bulletin boards at the high schools (except HBI schools and UNCSA) and at the Career Center. The link to the newsletter is e-mailed to senior parents and Senior Advisors. This year, we will also be texting the newsletter link to seniors.

Monthly Newsletters:

destinationcollege2019 - October 2018 Issue

destinationcollege2019 - September 2018 Issue

destinationcollege2019 - August 2018 Issue

destinationcollege2019 - July 2018 Issue

Monthly Financial Aid Newsletters:

Smart Money Moves Newsletter - August 2018 Issue

Smart Money Moves Newsletter - September 2018 Issue

Smart Money Moves Newsletter - October 2018 Issue

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