Underclassmen meet in groups led by a Grade Advisor on a monthly basis from January through May.  Grade Advisors share positive personal, social, and educational experiences with their scholars. They help Crosby Scholars achieve their post-secondary educational goals by leading discussions on grade-appropriate topics focused on preparing for the college admission process. The topics of discussion build a foundation of knowledge as the first step toward preparing scholars for their senior year. Grade Advisor meetings are held after school on the high schools’ campuses. The following materials are discussed at each meeting. The packets will not be distributed at the meetings, so we ask that students review them beforehand.

Meeting 1 Handout

Meeting 2 Handout

Meeting 3 Handout

Meeting 4 Handout

Meeting 5 Handout


Webinar Recording 

Meeting 1 & 2 Webinar 

Meeting 3 Webinar

Meeting 4 Webinar

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