Sophomores: Staying on Course

Welcome to the Crosby Scholars Sophomore Program. Preparing for college continues now! Decisions you make in 10th grade ~ classes in which you enroll in 10th grade ~ grades you achieve in 10th grade do matter! If you expect to go to college, expect to continue studying now. Expand your resources. Involve your family as your support system, and visit your high school counselor more often.

Students interested in enrolling in the Program must submit an application at the beginning of the school year. Scholars who completed the Program in 9th grade are automatically enrolled in the Program their sophomore year.

DestinationCollege2020, is published quarterly to keep you informed of activities, deadlines, and program opportunities. It is your responsibility to know deadlines and program requirements, so read your newsletter and log in to your Crosby Scholars student portal regularly to find out all the latest information. 

Destinationcollege2020 Newsletter - August, 2017









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