College Fair/College Visit Requirement:

To fulfill the college fair/college visit requirement, Crosby Scholars must speak with four college admission reps about their respective schools. Students typically fulfill this requirement by attending one college fair and submitting a college fair form during their sophomore year, junior year, or senior year; however, juniors and seniors may fulfill this requirement by visiting four college campuses. Details are posted below and are outlined in the Crosby Scholars student portal. This requirement must be fulfilled by early October of your senior year. Submitting one college fair form or one college visit form is required to verify your presence. 

The most popular way to fulfill this requirement is to attend the local college fair.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


Click here to view and print the college fair form for sophomores.

Click here  to view and print the college fair form for juniors and seniors.  

Click here to view and print the college visit form for juniors and seniors. 


2018 CACRAO/WSFCS College Fair

Date: October 1st, 2018

Time: 5:00-8:00pm

Location: Benton Convention Center, 301 W. 5th Street

Approximately 125 colleges/universities are represented at this fair. Each college will have its own table and will be placed in alphabetical order. To help scholars navigate the college fair, a list of colleges and their table number is provided by the WS/FCS system and is available upon entering the fair. Additionally, the list is posted on the Crosby Scholars Programs website approximately one week prior to the fair. Several hundred students will attend this fair, so please allow extra time to enter and exit the parking deck. PSOS offers students the opportunity to interact with admission reps from North Carolina colleges as well as out-of-state colleges.

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