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CSA #5 Schedule a Mock Interview with Program staff (Seniors)

Are you nervous about your upcoming college or scholarship interview?  Do you feel like you need a bit more preparation?  Allow Crosby to help you through the process by scheduling a (currently virtual) mock interview between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  Monday-Friday.  Experienced counselors will pose questions similar to those in a real interview to help you prepare for meeting with admission and/or scholarship committees.  In addition, they will review your activities resume to suggest content you might want to emphasize during interviews.  Please log in to your Crosby Scholars Student portal for more details and to register.

CSA #4 Essay Review- How to Request Essay Review from Crosby Scholars (Seniors)

Many college admission and scholarship applications require one or more essays.  Writing essays is often the most intimidating aspect of applying to college.  The Senior Program offers free essay review in order to help you submit strong writing samples.  We believe it is beneficial for an impartial person to read your work and encourage you to use this service. Please log in to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal for details.

CSA #3 Financial Basics for High School and Beyond (Seniors)

The Senior Program is offering an online, self-paced Crosby Senior Academy through CFNC’s Financial Basics for High School and Beyond.  You must apply for academy credit by December 2020. This online opportunity will allow you to earn one of the two academy credits needed to fulfill your senior academy requirement. You do not need to have a CFNC account to participate in this academy.

Log in to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal for details and to register.

CSA #8 Decoding the SAT- Test Prep and More (Seniors)

Are you preparing to take the SAT this fall for college applications?  Register in your Crosby Scholars Student Portal to attend CSA #8 Decoding the SAT- Test Prep and More to hear general information about the exam, learn test-taking strategies, and to learn how colleges use your scores in recruitment, admission decision-making, and scholarship consideration.  

Title: CSA #8 Decoding the SAT- Test Prep and More

Date: July 28th

Time: 3:00-4:00PM

Location: Virtual- registration for this event is required to received the event link. 24 hours before the event you will receive the link to join the virtual presentation.

This virtual presentation will require the following:

  • Internet Connection
  • Computer
  • Email address to log in to the presentation
  • Speakers

You must be able to meet all the above listed criteria to participate in this virtual academy. If you cannot meet these requirements please do not register to participate. You must log in to the presentation on time. You will receive a link and login instructions via email prior to start the virtual presentation.

We encourage you to watch with a parent; however, your parent cannot earn the academy credit for you. You must be present and engaged for the entire academy to earn credit. 

A brief primer on Crosby Scholars Senior Academies:  Academies are held annually over a 6-month period (July to December); students must attend two and are free to choose those that best suit their needs and interests; the most up-to-date information on the academies is found in the student portal; while they are a program requirement, academies are best viewed as opportunities to gain knowledge and skills that guide students through senior year and into post-secondary education.