Dear Friends of Crosby Scholars,

At Crosby Scholars we are monitoring updates daily surrounding COVID-19. It is a challenging time for all of us. But in the midst of this temporary and ever-changing season of unknowns, our mission to assist public middle and high school students in Forsyth County as they prepare themselves for successful college enrollment remains at our core.

Indeed, our mission is just as important now as ever, especially for those students from first generation families and Title 1 schools, who will likely have the most difficult time with the changes this has brought into their school experience. It is for them and many others that our work must not pause.

Communication and engagement in this recent directive of social distancing is not a new concept to Crosby Scholars students and their families. Providing virtual connection to our programs has been essential for this generation of students for a long time.

Some examples of our mission in action to support the school system, our students and their families during this unprecedented time include:

•             Promoting the importance of the school system’s  E-Learning Platform and assisting with its mechanics as requested by the Superintendent  of the WS/Forsyth County Schools

•             Encouraging juniors and seniors in the midst of college research and admissions to remain engaged

•             Connecting  students with available resources to help them make informed decisions

•             Virtual delivery of all Crosby Scholars programming, i.e. essay writing, scholarships, financial aid, educational webinars, community service

•             Offering  communication through texting, social media and other virtual platforms

•             Maintaining engagement with a special emphasis on our most vulnerable populations

•             Providing a comfortable environment for student conversations about concerns and anxieties  to help reduce tension and improve performance

•             Providing regular newsletters to parents and caregivers

We are grateful to our community partners who are assisting our students and families with their physical needs.  Our collective engagement and connection will help students continue on the path of high school graduation and college enrollment.  The Crosby team continues to motivate our students to put into practice many of the fundamental learning and life skills shared through their interaction with us as they navigate this time of uncertainty.  Crosby Scholars will work with our students to help them maintain their momentum as we all prepare for next steps when this crisis dims.

We are grateful for your support and belief in our mission and welcome any questions or suggestions…..we are all in this together.