17th Annual Crosby Scholars Invitational

May 22 & 23 2023

The Crosby Scholars Community Partnership – an organization of 11,000 students, 250 volunteers and 14,000 alumni, is the thriving legacy of the magic of The CROSBY. In 2022, the generosity of our sponsors and community raised over $352,000 to ensure that every public school student in Forsyth County will be prepared academically, personally and financially for college and for life! 

Last Year, You Made This Happen!

  • Enrolled over 11,000 students in Crosby Scholars in grades 6-10.
  • Crosby Scholars students performed more than 77,000 hours of community service.
  • 925 seniors graduated attending 125 colleges and universities across the nation and around the world.
  • We awarded more than $993,067 in Last Dollar Grants and Scholarships to students.
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17th Annual Crosby Scholars Invitational Winners

2023 CSI Sponsor Board_Final