2022-2023 High School Leadership Council Results

Congratulations to the High School Leadership Council elected members for the 2022-2023 school year! Each student self-nominated and then elected by their peers through a voting process. We still have some space available for self-nominations! If you see your school is missing a member for your grade and you are interested in joining, email us at highschool@crosbyscholars.org


  • President: Emily Lin
  • At-Large Senior: Ezekiel Bradley
  • Vice-President: Dave Srinivasan
  • At-Large Sophomore: Love’ Burgess
  • At-Large Freshman: Aryaman Shukla, Aryn Goldenstein, Justine Mourkos, Kamya Evans, Jocelyn Hayes, Kamryn Edmon and Paige Kiesling

Carter G. Woodson

  • President: Tyshawn Campbell
  • Vice-President: TBA
  • At-Large Sophomore: TBA
  • At-Large Freshman: TBA

Carver, TBA

Early College

  • President: Michelle Cruzat
  • At-Large Senior: Ashley Silva Martinez
  • Vice-President: Grace Isiguzo
  • At-Large Sophomore: Ari Brown
  • At-Large Freshman: Casey Milestone and Ava Hardy

East Forsyth

  • President: Kourtney Cooper
  • Vice-President: Alexandria Warren
  • At-Large Sophomore: Sawyer Wemyss
  • At-Large Freshman: Annalee Mathis and Kyla Penn


  • President: Erika Ayon
  • Vice-President: Aniyah Mayes
  • At-Large Sophomore: Hayden Harper


  • President: Carley Vawter
  • Vice-President: TBA
  • At-Large Sophomore: TBA

Middle College

  • President: Jolie Hauser
  • At-Large Senior: Maryanna Cooper
  • Vice-President: TBA
  • At-Large Sophomore: TBA

Mt. Tabor

  • President: Adam Cartwright
  • At-Large Senior: Kiarra Wilson
  • Vice-President: Evelyn Mata
  • At-Large Sophomore: Aliyah Coplin
  • At-Large Freshman: LaKoya Price and Carly Surrell

North Carolina Leadership Academy

  • President: Julia Davis
  • Vice-President: Emmerson Guldberg
  • At-Large Sophomore: TBA
  • At-Large Freshman: Wenda McLaurin, Emma Gwyn and Reagan Gauldin

North Forsyth

  • President: Makayla Adams
  • At-Large Senior: Nancy Fernandez-Salgado
  • Vice-President: TBA
  • At-Large Sophomore: Ian Torreblanca Aviles
  • At-Large Freshman: Zion Johnson


  • President: TBA
  • Vice-President: TBA
  • At-Large Sophomore: Braylon Robinson


  • President: Tobi Onasanya
  • At-Large Seniors: Ian Franco and Gabriela Ochoa
  • Vice-President: TBA
  • At-Large Sophomore: Nathan Garcia

Quality Education Academy, TBA


  • President: Taniska Sharma
  • At-Large Senior: Morgan Stone
  • Vice-President: Jack Sweeney
  • At-Large Junior: Mallory Maxey
  • At-Large Sophomores: Sophia Hoover and Emma Claire Thompson
  • At-Large Freshman: Addison Nichols


  • President: Danielle Moody
  • At-Large Senior: Najia Scott
  • Vice-President: Sarah Welsh
  • At-Large Sophomore: Nina Howards
  • At-Large Freshman: Lauren Bodenheimer, Gracie Ward and Frii Sampson-Young


  • President: Kooper Bray
  • Vice-President: Kendrick Ferguson
  • At-Large Sophomore: Journie Barr

West Forsyth

  • President: Zuri Sweatt
  • Vice-President: Katherine Lee
  • At-Large Sophomores: Jessica Benitez and Rachel Bliss
  • At-Large Freshman: Ethan Fox and Kenzie Bullins

Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy

  • President: Julianna Woody
  • Vice-President: Betzy Mendoza-Noyola
  • At-Large Sophomores: TBA