The opportunities for involvement will change throughout the year and vary depending on the grade level.

Realizing that college preparation must begin early, Program staff assigns all high school scholars in grades 9 through 11 to a volunteer Crosby Scholars Grade Advisor. Underclassmen scholars meet in groups monthly from December through May led by Grade Advisors. Each Grade Advisor hosts five meetings. Grade Advisors share positive personal, social, and educational experiences with their scholars. They help Crosby Scholars achieve their post-secondary goals by leading discussions on grade appropriate topics focused on preparing for the college admissions process. The topics of discussion build a foundation of knowledge that prepares the scholar for his or her senior year. Grade Advisor meetings are held after school on the high schools’ campuses. A handout is distributed at the first four meetings.

The guidelines for essay readers are very flexible.  In the fall of each year, high school seniors complete their applications for successful college admissions. Many of these students need the eyes of an adult to read their college essays - which is an important part of the admissions application process.  This volunteer opportunity offers flexible hours to assist these students.  For the 2017-18 school year, we have more than 1,100 seniors - many of whom will ask for our help. Essay readers remain anonymous as the volunteer task is by e-mail, only.

In August, we are recruit volunteers to serve as Senior Advisors. A background in school counseling or college admissions is preferred. Please contact Megan Tang at mtang@crosbyscholars.org if you are interested in this opportunity.




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