A member of Reagan High School’s Class of 2023, Samir Flagg has been academically successful and community-oriented as a member of several clubs, organizations, volunteer groups and more. However, most people do not know about the struggles he endured on his way to success.

"Samir is incredibly kind, intelligent, and caring – he always helps other people,” said Stephanie Pearson, Flagg’s AP Environmental Science teacher. “I noticed he was sometimes late, but little did I know there were family members he was actually helping, and he sometimes had to work late the prior night.”

Flagg has consistently remained both optimistic and involved in the local community despite hardships as a child. He tragically lost his father in an act of gun violence when he was eight years old, and his mother unexpectedly died when he was 10. Flagg has since lived with his uncle and, despite everything, has not let his experiences hinder his path to achievement.

Samir is attending NC State University and plans to major in statistics and minor in entrepreneurship.

Story by Kathy Norcross Watts