Oise Abhulimen grew up in a household that emphasized showing empathy and care to others, and he intends to become a doctor because, he said, the career will enable him to implement “the core values of compassion and care for others which my parents instilled in me.

My parents have always taught me that there is no greater act of kindness than to help others.”

Crosby Scholars offered opportunities to carry his compassion with him into action.

“It broadened my view on the importance of community service and encouraged me to continue to improve the lives of people around me,” Oise said.

“Being a part of African American Males Pursuing Educational Dreams (AAMPED) taught me about the significance and importance of success, especially as it pertains to African-American males. This program definitely motivated me to continue to pursue my dreams.”


Oise earned his Associates Degree in Science through the dual enrollment program at Forsyth Technical Community College and was co-valedictorian of Mount Tabor High School. He received Crosby Scholars’ Michael Nachman Scholarship, valued at $8,000, which is awarded to the Crosby Scholar with the highest weighted cumulative grade point average through the end of the first semester of senior year. Additionally, Oise volunteered in the hospital, tutored students, coached basketball at his local YMCA, and formed a mentoring program in Mount Tabor High School.

His parents emphasized self-discipline and persistence, which enabled him to envision his future and work to achieve it.

“They gave me the confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to,” Oise said.

Oise enrolled at East Carolina University, where, like his older brother and sister, he was admitted into the “Early Assurance in Medicine Program” at ECU Honors College. The program guarantees him a spot in the Brody School of Medicine after completing his undergraduate classes.

“Crosby Scholars is an organization that is intentional in its goals of service to the community,” Oise said. “Their core values of accountability, respectfulness, service, trustworthiness, and supportiveness are evident through the various opportunities they provide to us students. My time volunteering in the community throughout my life really proved to me that I have a natural inclination to improve the lives of others.”

Story by Kathy Norcross Watts