You spoke, and we heard you loud and clear!  Thus, we move forward with our new name and a new workshop platform while offering the same relevant, valuable content that makes CrosbyPlus a vital initiative.

CrosbyPlus will engage students in discussing topics to help prepare them for the college admission process and build a foundation of knowledge that launches them into junior and senior years.

After consulting students about the best way to serve their needs while accommodating their busy schedules, we decided to record short YouTube videos and answer questions during a live launch.  This restructuring is designed to improve accessibility for all students at every high school.

Throughout the spring semester, we will post the videos on our Crosby TV channel (YouTube page).  During each presentation, we will record student attendance and reward CrosbyPlus participants with fun Crosby swag. All students who watch the live video launch or recording will have the opportunity to win cool prizes. 

Click here to view CrosbyPlus launch dates. The videos posted on our Crosby TV channel are for all 9th and 10th-grade scholars at every high school. Be sure to join us during the live launches to ask questions in real-time!

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