Design Checklist

Creating a Brand Friendly Design

What Makes a Good Design?

There is a difference between good design and good Crosby Scholars brand design. Good design is individualistic and subjective depending on the task and objective, but good brand design for Crosby Scholars is the suggestions and ideas contained and described in this brand center.

Our visual brand creates a look and feel that is consistent and easy to recognize as Crosby Scholars. When done properly, you will see a unique visual language and core brand alignment. One way to think about striking this balance is with an 80/20 ratio.

The 80/20 Ratio

Visually, up to 80 percent of a single communication can be tailored to the specific event or program. This can be achieved in many ways, including the use of secondary colors, custom photography, and graphic elements.


For any single communication, at least 20 percent of its design should contain consistent master brand elements which includes the logo, primary color palette, brand typefaces, and graphic elements.


Checklist for a Crosby Scholars Design

Download the Checklist Here.

Checklist for a Collaborative Design

A collaborative design should still include the Crosby Scholars logo and be reflective of our mission.

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Checklist for an Accessible Design

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