Style Guide + Messaging


According to the American Marketing Association, as well as many other reputable marketing professionals, when writing content, it's best to keep it around an 8th-grade reading level. When using a graphic with text, remember to include the text in addition to the graphic for accessibility.

The Organization

Crosby Scholars Community Partnership

refers to the program on first reference.

Crosby Scholars Program

refers to the Program on second reference or interchangeably. 

the Program

refers to Crosby Scholars Community Partnership or Crosby Scholars Program in casual references. 

Download the Quick Facts Document Here.

The Students

Crosby Scholars

refers to the students in the Program on first reference.

Scholar(s) or Student(s)

refers to the students in the Program on second reference. Scholar(s) is preferred. 

Crosby Scholars [Grade Level]

student grade levels are listed second when referring to a scholar individually, but should be listed first when identifying a group.

Individual Example: Crosby Scholars senior, Crosby Scholars junior, Crosby Scholars sophomore, Crosby Scholars freshman, Crosby Scholars eighth grader.

Group Example: 9th grade Crosby Scholars, Middle School Crosby Scholars, Senior Crosby Scholars

The Programs

Crosby Scholars Academy

refers to the requirement for Crosby Scholars, even when talking about multiple topics.

Crosby Scholars Student/Parent Portal - NEW NAME COMING SOON! 

is the name of the system where students and parents receive information from the Program. On most references it is acceptable to use Crosby Scholars Student Portal. Do NOT abbreviate to CSSP, Portal or Student Portal. 

Other Helpful Language

Crosby Scholars website

is the program website. Website is spelled as one word, not two.


is a noun. Example: Use your login when checking the Student Portal.

Log in

is a verb. Example: My Crosby Scholars Student Portal is useful when I regularly log in to check it.