Requirements of the Crosby Scholars program vary by grade level, however all include:

  • being enrolled in a public middle or high school in Forsyth County
  • abiding by the terms of the Partnership Agreement by demonstrating good citizenship
  • attending one Crosby Scholar Academy each school year (two during the senior year)
  • completing and documenting a minimum of two hours of community service each school year by submitting a Crosby Scholars community service form by the yearly deadline - Click here to view and print the form. 
  • following all school rules and refraining from being placed in out-of-school suspension
  • enrolling in the It's My Call/It's Our Call - alcohol and drug-screening program (high school scholars only) Click here to view and print the form. 
  • speaking with four college reps by attending a college fair (sophomores through seniors only) or by visiting four college campuses and submitting a college fair/college visit form
  • participating in other mandatory requirements as assigned by grade level especially during the senior year

Participants of Crosby Scholars are given the responsibility to:

  • make education a priority in life by striving to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA (minimum) in order to complete High School and enroll in a post-secondary institution
  • contribute to a cooperative school environment by being courteous, considerate, and respectful toward teachers, school officials, adults and fellow classmates
  • utilize academic assistance provided by parents, school, community and the Program
  • develop leadership skills through active involvement in school and the community
  • strive for perfect attendance and avoid unexcused absences
  • not participate in any form of bullying - verbal, physical or cyber
  • obey the law and remain drug free, by agreeing to refuse to make, sell, use, distribute, or possess illegal drugs


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