Crosby Scholars Invitational and Breakfast of Champions

The 12th annual Crosby Scholars Invitational was held at Bermuda Run Country Club on May 17, 2016. 

The annual breakfast held prior to the Crosby Scholars Invitational honors our golf tournament sponsors and celebrities as well as our students, benefactors, and volunteers. Noted guest speakers have included Senator Richard Burr, Mayor Allen Joines, Erskine Bowles, Roy Williams, Jim Grobe, Jerry Moore, Dr. Nido Qubein, Dr. Randy Woodson, Dr. Kenneth Peacock, and the President of the North Carolina Community College System, Dr. Scott Ralls.  In 2015, a decision was made to have the guest speaker for the breakfast be a noted athlete while the  sponsor dinner would host an academic guest. 

 On May 16, Margaret Spellings, President of the University of North Carolina System addressed the audience of sponsors, board members and invited guests.  Here are a few remarks from President Spellings.  

"I came to North Carolina because of the visionary approach this state has taken to higher education since the first public university opened its doors here in 1795.

The Crosby Scholars Program’s mission – to ensure that all public school students in Forsyth County have the opportunity to attend college - is an extension of that visionary approach.

Our shared commitment to accessible higher education – a commitment first made in this state and, to this day best carried out by it – makes us natural partners.

We must ensure that our education gives students the best chance for a successful life – one that includes community engagement and intellectual fulfillment in addition to employment.

That means adapting and transforming to meet the challenges posed by a very different kind of job market; one that involves multiple careers across a lifetime, and new technologies that are transforming the way we work and the skills employers expect. In 1776, North Carolina’s founders instructed the state to provide its citizens with a university education “as free as practical.”

In doing so, they made accessible higher education a defining value of the state.

In the intervening centuries, the university has adapted too many changes and, in doing so, helped the state adapt as well. I am confident we will successfully adapt this time as well.

The Crosby Scholars Program is visionary in its own right – it is no surprise that two counties are now emulating what you are doing here in Forsyth County."

Mr. Dereck Whittenburg was the guest speaker for this year's Breakfast of Champions.  Whittenburg served as a point guard on North Carolina State University's 1983 men's basketball team that won the NCAA Championship. To read more about his speech, please refer to the Crosby Scholars Invitational page of the website.   

The Crosby Scholars Program does a tremendous amount of good for more than 9,700 Forsyth County students." said Paul Fulton one of the original founders of the Crosby Scholars Program. "This event is integral to an innovative long term funding strategy developed by the Board of Directors of the Crosby Scholars Program. We are having great success enlisting sponsors and celebrities to participate in this one-day mini version of the original Crosby Golf Tournament. This golf tournament is a great way to let businesses and individuals learn more about the impact of the program on their employees' children and to contribute to its continued success.”

The Crosby Scholars Invitational is a Captain's Choice event in which each team plays in the name of a Scholar.  First, second and third prizes receive special scholarships for those students, and monies raised by the tournament go toward programs and scholarships

For information on team sponsorships, please contact Becky Perkinson at or Mona Lovett at




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