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CSA #2C Take the ASVAB at Your High School

December 13

Students, we are excited to announce this opportunity for earning senior academy credit, which is taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) during the school day at your high school.  Please check with your school counselor to confirm the date(s) and time the ASVAB will be administered, along with when and how to register. You must submit ASVAB results prior to December 13, 2019 to receive CSA credit. 

We at Crosby Scholars believe strongly in the ASVAB’s value for clarifying strengths and interests that might direct you toward a major area in college or toward a specific career field.  Although branches of the military use ASVAB results to determine training assignments, it is NOT a recruitment tool, and the information gathered from the assessment has value for students fully committed to post-secondary education.  In fact, over 50% of students who completed the assessment during the 2013-14 school year expected to enroll in a four-year or two-year college after high school.

Please consider this opportunity to fulfill one of the Crosby program requirements while gaining a better understanding of your intellectual aptitude as you are setting goals for further education.

To receive Crosby Senior Academy credit, send a copy of your ASVAB test results to seniorprogram@crosbyscholars.org before December 13, 2019.

As each school reports its date to Crosby, we will post it. At this time, CGW, WSPA, Early College, Middle College, and QEA do not offer the ASVAB.

Test Dates: We have requested administration dates from schools and will post them as they are received. 

Reagan High School: October 4

Reynolds High School: October 9


December 13