JUNIORS: Virtual Visits= Credit For College Fair/Visit Requirement

How to Receive Credit for the College Fair/Visit Requirement by participating in Virtual Tours

We recognize the impacts of covid-19 on your college tours and campus visits. We are sure many of you planned to visit a few campuses over your Spring Break. Crosby Scholars was disappointed when we were forced to postpone our Crosby Scholars Spring Break College Visits. We wanted a way to reduce the stress for you and also encourage you to begin researching and “visiting” the campuses that you are applying to. We feel the easiest way to visit a campus during this time is to participate in virtual visits. To encourage you to participate in these virtual tours for the schools you are applying to, we will award credit for the College Fair/Visit Requirement for virtual tours. We will offer this opportunity until the college campuses reopen to visitors. If you have not received credit for this Senior Year requirement and would like to receive credit now, please read the following instructions to complete an online form for your College Fair/Visit Requirement. 

Resource Quick Access:

College Fair/Visit Online Form

Virtual Tour Requirements
  1. Virtually Visit 4 colleges/universities: Students must visit four college websites and view their virtual tours. If the school does not have a published tour, the student should look up information specific to their interests: specific majors, application requirements, application deadlines, student life, and/or general information. This information does not need to be submitted to Crosby Scholars, but we do recommend students take notes to help with creating the target list of colleges. We have compiled a list of over 100 schools that previous Crosby Scholars have applied to and shared their college tour links. Please check below to find out which schools are offering a virtual tour. 
  2. Complete Online Form: Once students have virtually visited four college campuses, they must submit an online form

Click Here for the Online Form 

  1. Add parent/guardian information for verification: The form will require that a parent/guardian verifies student participation in these virtual tours or research. Their contact information will be required when submitting the form.
  2. Add already completed college tours to this form: If a student visited a campus in person before school closures, but did not receive a signature at the time, they can provide verification of the visit and submit the online form at this time. Verification of a visit would include an email from the school verifying a visit or other documentation that demonstrates your participation. If no documentation exists, but a parent/guardian attended the in-person tour with the student, we will allow the online form to be submitted without documentation. We will simply need the contact information from the parent/guardian who attended the in-person tours with the student. Please add a comment that the tour was in person when you are completing the online form. 
  3. We are offering this option until further notice, but will return to live campus visits once schools reopen to visitors. Once schools are open and students are able to visit campuses in  person, we will no longer offer the virtual tour option.
  4. A student who submits an online form is verifying that the information provided is accurate and true. We reserve the right to deny credit if we suspect the information is not accurate and true.
  5. The deadline at this time will remain early October. If there is a need to consider a deadline extension, we will make a decision this fall and contact students with updated information.
Virtual Tour Opportunities: 
  1. College-A-Day LIVE College Panels: During Spring Break, April 13-15, we will award credit for the College Fair/Visit requirement if you attend 4 out of the 5 Live College Panels during your Spring Break. You will need to register for each Live Panel and attend at least 4 to receive credit. Email us at seniorprogram@crosbyscholars.org if you have any questions. Head to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal for more information. 
  2. List of Virtual College Visits from 100+ schools: Click Here
  3. CFNC Virtual College Visits: Click Here
  4. Virtual College Fair on April 23rd with the Coalition for College: Click Here to Register
    1. If you attend this college fair and virtually visit 4 college sessions, you can complete the College Fair/Visit Online Form. Please make a note that you visited these colleges during the Coalition for College- College Fair on April 23rd.