Junior Academy!

Confirmation of Attendance

The Crosby Scholars Academy for Juniors offers workshops that help to enhance their college admissions and planning decisions.

Juniors will receive the following presentations:

Preparing for College Admission 101.  Topics covered in this workshop include graduation requirements for the WSFCS system; minimum admission requirements (GPA and test scores) for the UNC system colleges; standardized tests, including SAT subject tests, and how best to prepare for them; what makes a strong applicant for admission; and myths about the college admission process.

Building A Target List of Colleges.  Creating a target list of schools begins with self-knowledge.  If you don’t know who you are and what you are seeking, it can be difficult to know which colleges best meet your needs and preferences.   Finally, we will explore the College Board and other search tools as a means of broadening (or narrowing!) the list of prospective schools.