Congratulations 2020-21 Officers

Thank you to all students who participated in elections for Crosby Scholars Officer. Congratulations to the winners for the 2020-21 school year! We look forward to getting to know and work with each one of you throughout the school year!

Click here to view the 20-21 officer’s for your school and grade.

Crosby Scholars Officers will:
Regularly attend meetings with Crosby Scholars High School staff.
Represent their school at Crosby Scholars functions.
Promote the Program to new students at events like open house, freshmen orientation, and school activities fair. Report school activities and important announcements to the Crosby Scholars office.
Assist the Crosby Scholars liaison with keeping materials current on the Crosby Scholars bulletin board at the school.
Publicize Program requirements and events.
Assist with the collection of community service forms and help peers find service activities.
Promote the goals and ideals of the Crosby Scholars Program at all times.