Congrats, contest winners!

Congratulations to the following students for winning the November Community Service Contest! Students submitted at least 2 hours of community service to enter the drawing.

  • Reginald H. at Jefferson Middle (6th)
  • Grayson P. at Kernersville Middle (6th)
  • Janet C. at Wiley Middle (7th)
  • Dawson D. at Hanes Magnet (7th)
  • Jonathan W. at Meadowlark Middle (8th)
  • Shilynne R. at Flat Rock Middle (8th)
  • Hailey H. at Reagan High (9th)
  • Kori T. at Parkland (9th)
  • Yireh V. at Glenn High (10th)
  • Henry F. at NCLA (10th)
  • Jajhayra F. at Glenn High (11th)
  • Stephen L. at Early College of Forsyth (11th)
  • Vanessa J. at North Forsyth (12th)
  • Jerome S. at Winston-Salem Prep Academy (12th)
  • Andy V. at West Forsyth (12th)

Below are the October Community Service Contest winners:

  • Keishaun G. at Clemmons Middle (6th)
  • Kaitlin S. at Meadowlark Middle (6th)
  • Jackson L. at Meadowlark Middle (7th)
  • Kennedy W. at Hanes Magnet (7th)
  • Morgan A. at The Downtown School (8th)
  • Yuan Yuan C. at Jefferson Middle (8th)
  • Esona B. at Reagan High (9th)
  • Katherine Z. at Atkins High (9th)
  • Zoei B. at East Forsyth High (10th)
  • Korbin K. at Walkertown High (10th)
  • Gabriela G. at Reagan High (11th)
  • Ashley R. at Kennedy High (11th)
  • Arwen B. at Reynolds High (12th)
  • Emma C. at Reynolds High (12th)
  • Allie S. at Walkertown High (12th)

If you are a contest winner, check your email to learn how to claim your gift card.