2017-2018 Crosby Scholars Officers

The Crosby Scholars at each school have the opportunity to elect officers.  Scholars who wished to have their name added to the ballot were to register online.  Voting is announced by email and takes place in the student portal.

The Crosby Scholars Officers for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:

Atkins President — Nadine Kramer

Atkins Junior VP — Sommer Stephens

Atkins Sophomore VP — Landon Privette

Carter G. Woodson President — Caitline Roman

Carter G. Woodson Junior VP — Antonio Rattley

Carter G. Woodson Sophomore VP — Alexandra Sotelo

Carver President — Kesean Mobley

Carver Junior VP — Yaire Noyola-Calleja

Carver Sophomore VP — Sofia Inez Maldonado

Early College President — Fernando Piza Salmeron

Early College Junior VP — Monica Cruzat

Early College Sophomore VP —  Morgan Brookshire

East Forsyth President — Raiyona Rice

East Forsyth Junior VP — Emma Lawson

East Forsyth Sophomore VP — Patricia Artes

Glenn President —  Aniya Ellison

Glenn Junior VP — Katie Weavil

Glenn Sophomore VP — Riana Murden

Kennedy President — Lirisbeth Clemente Marin

Kennedy Junior VP — Jasmin Puruncajas

Kennedy Sophomore VP — Vivian Caldwell

Middle College President — Evie Mclaughlin

Middle College Junior Co-Vice Presidents — Giavonni Gerald and Kayla Horton

Mt. Tabor President — Ava Cox

Mt. Tabor Junior VP — Sam Pomper

Mt. Tabor Sophomore VP– KaMari Smith

NCLA President — Maggie Marsh

NCLA Junior VP — Hannah Wells

NCLA Sophomore VP — Kya Hargan

North Forsyth President — Daniel Garcia Guzman

North Forsyth Junior Co-Vice Presidents — Jaela Murphy and Anahi Tapia

North Forsyth Sophomore VP — Trinity Barr

Paisley Sophomore VP — Nyla Gary

Parkland President — Kamille Graham

Parkland Junior VP– Rosa Gutierrez

Parkland Sophomore VP — Aria Bryson

QEA President — Xavier Bankhead

QEA Junior Co-Vice Presidents — Oded Cisneros and Stephanie Quintanilla

QEA Sophomore VP — Knowledge Massey

Reagan President — Alondra Ramirez

Reagan Junior VP — Jack Turner

Reagan Sophomore VP– Catherine Wondra

Reynolds President — Jaelyn Massey

Reynolds Junior VP — Alexander Brooker

Reynolds Sophomore Co-Vice Presidents — Conor Ebbitt and Taije Spivey

UNC School of the Arts — Lydia Wu

Walkertown President — Deion McCloud

Walkertown Junior VP — Ronnie Pugh

Walkertown Sophomore VP — Bayleigh Bray

West Forsyth President — Charlotte Fonda

West Forsyth Junior VP — Alex Rodriguez

West Forsyth Sophomore VP — Carson Groce

WSPA President — Cecilia Okafor

WSPA Junior VP — Makieya Smith

WSPA Sophomore — Charity Mclaurin