9th and 10th Grade Advisor Program

The purpose of the Grade Advisor program is to help high schools students gain a better understanding of the college planning and admission processes. Grade advisors work with Crosby Scholars in 9th and 10th grades at high schools in the school district. Grade Advisors include Crosby Scholar Senior Advisors, community volunteers, College Crosby Scholars, and high school staff.  

Grade-specific information is shared through interactive and creative presentations utilizing online handouts that students can access for future reference in their Crosby Scholars student portal. 

A total of five monthly meetings will be held.  The 9th and 10th grade meetings begin in January and end in May.  The first meeting is a Kick-Off Pizza Party celebration. The last meeting is the End-of-Year Reception with cake and punch. Meetings are held at the high schools beginning at 3:45 p.m. (meeting times differ for Kennedy, Paisley, WSPA, CGW, QEA, and ECF) and typically lasting 30-40 minutes.

Please check the Crosby Scholars Program website or Crosby Scholars student/parent portal for Grade Advisor meeting dates, locations, and times. A complete list of meeting dates is posted on the homepage of this website and individual meeting dates are posted on the website's calendar. 

Junior Grade Advisor Program

The Junior Grade Advisor Program will include large group sessions and webinars with all schools invited. These sessions will include: ACT: Your February Score Matters; FREE ACT Bootcamps; and discussions about creating a target school list, selecting a senior advisor, the importance of a college tour and visit, and interpreting standardized test scores. 

Please check the Crosby Scholars Program website or Crosby Scholars student/parent portal for more details about dates, locations, and times. 

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