For returning Crosby Scholars - You should have already activated your student portal. If you cannot remember your permanent password - you can reset it when you log in.

For new Crosby Scholars - You should have received a confirmation at the student email address you provided on your application. In this email, you should also have received a temporary password and instructions on how to activate your Crosby Scholars student portal.

Video: How to Activate Your Crosby Scholars Student Portal

Follow these instructions to log in to and activate your student portal for the first time:

CLICK on the    STUDENT/PARENT SIGN IN    button on top of any page of our website.

Login with your student email address and the temporary password that was sent to that email address

Once you’ve signed in for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a new permanent password (with a minimum of 6 characters, using at least one number and one capital letter).

Make sure to write down or save your permanent password somewhere safe as Crosby Scholars will not have access to it.

It's important to sign in to the student portal regularly and keep your account and information up to date. Most colleges accept students online and provide online student accounts similar to ours. So, we are preparing you for the college admission experience right from the start!

We will be sending you emails and updating your student portal with events and opportunities - so please make sure to check your student portal often.

PARENTS: Once your student activates his/her student portal - you will receive an email with a temporary password to activate your parent portal. From the parent portal, you will be able to view all of the information in your student's portal, register your student for Crosby Scholar Academy, view his/her requirement status and more. 

Please contact us if you are having difficulty activating your Student or Parent Portal:

info@crosbyscholars.org    OR   336.725.5371


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