Sixth Grade Crosby Scholars Academy

November 3, November 17, December 8

 Forsyth Tech’s Main Campus (2100 Silas Creek Parkway)    9:30am - 11:00am  

November 14, November 27, December 10

 Goodwill Building (2701 University Parkway)   3:00pm – 4:30pm   

Attending one of these academies will meet the 6th grade Crosby Scholars Academy

requirement for the school year.

Parents are not required to attend 6th grade Academy, although optional parent sessions are offered during the Academy.

Registration for 6th grade Academy is now open.

Students should register for Academy through their Student Portal



Parents, please note by allowing your student(s) to attend the Crosby Scholars Academy, you are agreeing to the terms of the Parent Partnership Agreement located in your student’s portal.  This agreement will remain in effect for the duration of your student’s participation in the program.  Should you not agree with these terms, you are required to contact the Executive Director at mwlovett@crosbyscholars.org before allowing your student to attend the Crosby Scholars Academy. After your student attends the academy, the agreement is in effect until the student voluntarily withdraws from the program or does not fulfill a program requirement.



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