The third conference notes form is posted in the advisor portal. Conference notes serve a two-fold purpose.  They guide senior advisors in addressing important issues each month or within another specified time period.  They also allow Crosby Scholars program staff to monitor each scholar’s progress from submitting applications to enrolling in college.  In short, advisors and program staff are collaborating to ensure our scholars’ seamless journey through their senior year, resulting in post-secondary education plans that best fit them.  In order to serve scholars optimally, especially when additional support from program staff is warranted, it is vital for advisors to meet with their scholars and complete conference notes by the deadlines provided.  Advisors are the first to identify issues of concern with students, and timely communication with program staff via completed conference notes is therefore essential to addressing and ultimately resolving those concerns.

Please contact Kristen Montgomery  at if you are experiencing issues with your advisor login.

To access the form:

  1. Log in to the Crosby Scholars Advisor Portal - if you are a parent, you must log in to the advisor portal and not the parent portal to access the form
  2. Scroll past the Events section until you see your scholar's name listed in the Senior Advisor Student section
  3. Select the magnifying glass icon to the far right of your scholar's name under the View column
  4. A new page will appear that gives you access to view your scholar's Crosby Scholars Student Portal
  5. From the menu at the top of the page (just under your scholar's name), select the Conference Notes tab
  6. The conference notes page will appear.
  7. Select the Complete function button. (Use the view function button to view the notes after you submit them.)
  8. Follow the instructions noted on the top of the conference notes form
  9. Submit the form by selecting the red submit function button

An alert will appear in your scholar's Crosby Scholars Student Portal if the notes are not submitted by the deadline.


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