Juniors: Voting for next year's presidents ends on April 15. Vote through your Crosby Scholars Student Portal.  


For rising sophomores and juniors....

If you want to:

  • Be more involved with your fellow Crosby Scholars
  • Represent your class at Crosby Scholars functions
  • Experience a leadership role
  • and much more

…this could be your best role! Check out the complete job description below. Each high school will elect a Sophomore Vice-President and a Junior Vice-President unless that high school does not enroll a sophomore or junior class.  

You complete the self-nomination process through your Crosby Scholars Student Portal. So, if you would like to run for Crosby Scholars Vice-President at your school, log in and add your name to the ballot by registering for the event. The deadline to submit your registration is April 20. Voting through the Crosby Scholars student portal will begin on May 1. 

The Role of Crosby Scholars Vice-President 
Attend an executive committee meeting during the school year. Meet with the Crosby Scholars staff at the Officers Council meeting. Represent your school at Crosby Scholar functions. Promote the Program to underclassmen during open house. Report activities to the Crosby Scholars office and to the school newspaper. Assist the Crosby Scholars liaison with keeping current materials on the Crosby Scholars bulletin board at the school. Publicize Program requirements and events. Assist with the collection of community service forms. Coordinate a group picture for the yearbook. Promote the goals and ideals of the Crosby Scholars Program at all times. 

Vice-Presidents must have cumulative GPAs of 2.5 or higher.


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