“Mentors not only touch someone’s life, they have the potential to touch and change the life of a nation.” --Newsweek

College is a match to be made not a prize to be won. Realizing that college preparation must begin early, Program staff assigns all high school Crosby Scholars in grades 9th and 10th to a volunteer Crosby Scholars Grade Advisor. High School juniors have the opportunity to particiapte in large group sessions in the spring of their junior year. High School seniors meet with a Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor individually.

Underclassmen scholars meet in groups monthly from December through May led by volunteer Grade Advisors. Each Grade Advisor hosts five meetings. Grade Advisors share positive personal, social, and educational experiences with their scholars. They help Crosby Scholars achieve their post-secondary goals by leading discussions on grade appropriate topics focused on preparing for the college admissions process. The topics of discussion build a foundation of knowledge that prepares the scholar for his or her senior year. Grade Advisor meetings are held after school on the high schools’ campuses. A handout is distributed at the first four meetings. 

Seniors meet individually with a Senior Advisor at least monthly who tailors the services and programs offered to meet a scholar's individual needs. Senior Advisors complete conference notes following each meeting and submit the notes to Program staff. These notes allow Program staff to monitor the progress of each senior. Senior Advisors guide seniors through the college admission process, the student financial aid process, and the enrollment decision process. The topics of discussion varies depending on where the senior is in the college admission process. Seniors who are assigned to an advisor meet with that advisor during the school day at the senior's high school. Seniors who select their own advisor meet with that advisor on their own time.

All advisors, who are community volunteers not selected by the scholar, must complete a WS/FC Schools Volunteer Services Application Form and undergo a background check.


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